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Tewksbury Congregational Church takes much pride in being a caring and compassionate place of worship. One of our greatest strengths is ministering to those in need... whether they be members of our own church family, our community, or our global village. The purpose of this Care Page is to ensure that we do our very best to support and encourage members during their highest highs and lowest lows. If you are Called to Care, please consider joining our team of Care Ambassadors so that you will be notified of opportunities to "share the care."

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The Care Team consists of the Care Committee, which meets monthly to discuss the care needs of the Congregation, and Care Ambassadors, who offer to do things like card writing, meal preparation, babysitting, pet care, visitation, simple errands, driving, and prayer, on a short-term basis, according to their personal schedule and interests. Whether you have a handful of hours to spare each month or just a few minutes, you are warmly invited to become a member of the Care Team. Take a moment to add your name to the roster by clicking on the link below. Jr. Care Ambassadors (under age 17) are most welcome to join the Care Team as well. We think you'll agree that our youth are especially caring!

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Are you experiencing a medical crisis, recovering from surgery, mourning the loss of a loved one, celebrating the arrival of a new baby, or simply in need of some TCC TLC? If yes, please complete the Intake Questionnaire through the link below and email it or deliver it to the Church Office. If you are a TCC member who is aware of the needs of another church member, you may complete this form on his or her behalf. So that we can best assess the needs, please be sure to include the amount of support that will be provided outside the church by groups like family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. We have great experience in partnering with others!

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Care Connections

The following members would receive great comfort from your letters, visits or calls. Please click the name for contact information.

Member/family name Visits Letters/Cards Calls
Judy Boyson

Care Calendars

Care is coordinated through www.carecalendar.org. Click the link below and enter the security code to access a specific Care Calendar.

Member/family name Link Calendar ID Security Code
Barbara Buckley Go to Care Calendar 248509 3480

Prayer Requests

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