Saturday, September 22, 2018
9am–1pm, Wynn Middle School Parking Lot
1 Griffin Way, Tewksbury (at the end of Victor Drive)

What is Zero Waste Day?
ZWD is a drive thru donating and recycling event held annually to provide residents with a quick and easy way to pass along items that they no longer need. More than a dozen local non-profit organizations are on site in our Wynn Middle School parking lot to graciously accept your donations and recyclables, and volunteers from the Tewksbury Recycling Committee and Tewksbury Congregational Church assist with car unloading and distribution. ZWD results in a reduction of Tewksbury's dumping fees because fewer items are added to the waste stream.

Zero Waste Day

What can I bring? And what shouldn't I bring?
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Acceptable DonationsUnacceptable Donations
  • Anything you wouldn't share with a friend
  • Anything that's broken
  • Anything with missing pieces
  • Anything with stains or rips
  • Anything with mold or a musty smell
  • Anything covered in pet hair
  • Toys
  • Bikes with rust
  • Exercise equipment (treadmills, etc…)
  • Recreational equipment (pool tables, basketball hoops, etc..)
  • Little Tykes outdoor/indoor play pieces
  • Hazardous Waste, including opened paint cans
  • Trash

When can I dispose of household hazardous waste in Lexington?
As you know, household hazardous waste is NOT collected at Zero Waste Day. One day each month, from April thru November, Tewksbury residents can dispose of their waste (paints, chemicals, oils, etc...) at the Minuteman Regional Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Lexington. This is a fee-based program. For a listing of dates and more details, visit their website thru this link.

Can I get a receipt for my donations to use when filing next year's taxes?
Many of the charities will provide receipts on their own letterhead, but you are also welcome to create a letter, indicating the estimated fair market value of your donation, and you may ask a representative from the charity to sign it. ZWD volunteers are not qualified to estimate value of items and are not authorized to sign receipts.

Did I hear that I can recycle electronics at a reduced cost?
Indeed you did! For a nominal fee, M & K Recovery Group will responsibly recycle your computers, TVs and other small to large electronics.
Televisions and Monitors
- measure the screen diagonally to determine your price
Small Electronics
Small Electronics
- keyboards
- hard drives
- hub/modem/router
- circuit boards
- switches
- adding machines
- CD/MP3 players
- cameras/telephones
- surge protectors
- compact speakers
Medium Electronics
- laptop computers
- video game systems
- dvr/vcr/dvd players
- docking stations
- compact printers
- shoebox of cords/data

Large Electronics
- computer towers
- main frames
- large printers
- fax machines
- UPS battery back-ups
- projectors
- microwaves
- word processors
- stereo system
- satellite dish

Appliances and Air Conditioners
- washers
- dryers
- refrigerators
- dishwashers
- stoves
- air conditioners
- dehumidifiers
- lawn mowers (empty gas, please)
under 26" = $15
27-40" = $25
over 41" = $35
(flat screen < 21" = $5)
$1 $5 $10 Appliances = $25
ACs w/freon = $20
ACs w/o freon = $10

Do you need volunteers or donations from local businesses?
Indeed we do. Please review our Wish Lists, found on our Community Involvement page.

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Zero Waste Day is coordinated by the Tewksbury Recycling Committee and Tewksbury Congregational Church.