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One of the goals of Zero Waste Day is to reduce Tewksbury's waste stream through either Reuse or Recycling. Be sure to visit the Tewksbury Recycling Committee's webpage to learn how to recycle common items such as fluorescent bulbs, Christmas trees, electronics and more.

As the saying goes: “One man's trash may be another man's treasure.” Take a look at our list below and perhaps you'll find that you have treasure to share.

You can help local organizations earn cash by dropping your paper in a Paper Retriever.  Tewksbury locations include: Library, Town Hall, Saint William's, and ALL public schools.  Open 24/7.

Paper Retriever

Towels and Linens
If you have towels and linens that might not be suitable to pass along to humans, they may be fine indeed for animals.  Local animal shelters use them for animal bedding.  For the safety of the animals, please do not donate items with elastic or fringe.

Lowell Humane Society

Nevin's Farm, MSPCA Shelter

If your sneakers are too worn to be passed on for secondary use, then consider donating them to the Nike Reuse a Shoe program.  Sneaker soles are ground into a material that is used to resurface sports courts. 

Nike Reuse a Shoe
Nike Factory Store
300 Artisan Way
Somerville, MA 02145

Toner Cartridges
Staples will offer Reward Card holders a $2 in-store coupon which is sent through the mail, quarterly, for each cartridge recycled.

Cartridges for Kids
Collection bins located at Tewksbury Public Library and participating schools.

Eye Glasses

Tewksbury's Lions Club has a long tradition of recycling eyeglasses for reuse in developing countries.

Lions Clubs
Collection bins located at the Library, Post Office, and WalMart

Lions Club International mailing instructions

Building Supplies
If your home improvement project leftovers can't be returned, don't throw them away.  Instead, donate to Boston Building Resources.

Boston Building Resources
Donations can be delivered directly to their store in Roxbury Crossing, or you can visit them at Tewksbury's Zero Waste Day.

Cell Phones
Alternative House of Lowell will reprogram your old cell phone and provide it as an emergency phone to a woman who has been the victim of domestic violence.

Alternative House

Plastic Shopping Bags
Please consider recycling them and be sure NOT to place them in your curbside recycling as they contaminate the stream.

Many local stores, including Market Basket and WalMart, provide plastic bag recycling collection bins.

Tewksbury Freecycle
Join the Tewksbury, MA group on the Freecycle website and post any item that you'd like to pass along for free. You'd be surprised how many people will respond. Especially useful for furniture and other bulk items.

Tewksbury Freecycle

Tewksbury Facebook Groups
Join these two Facebook groups if you find yourself with items that are typically not accepted by human service providing agencies:
Tewksbury MA Yard Sale
Trade, sell, borrow, give away!!!

Tewksbury MA Yard Sale
Trade, sell borrow, give away!!!

Visit our Share Your Stuff page to learn how you can donate your gently used items to local non-profit organizations and the clients they serve.

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